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HYLA is one of the healthiest Air and Room Cleaning Systems worldwide!


It removes fine dust, gases, allergens and mites during normal cleaning and – at the same time – makes the air of your rooms fragrant.
You will be able to breathe deeply again.

Eliminate the invisible and dangerous germs in the air of your home once and for all!

Get to know your HYLA GST

The HYLA GST – Geyser Separator Technology

A new chapter in the history of “air and room cleaning” has been opened with the worldwide unique and patented separator technology. Only top grade materials and production certified according to ISO 9001 ensure the highest quality.

Here you will learn everything about the HYLA GST:
How it works, and how you can not “only” clean the air, but very much more than that – and that there are fields of application you have not even thought of yet …

How Hyla Works 



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