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Our story

International successful since 1990.

HYLA International GmbH & Co. KG is a modern corporation with many years of experience. Since its foundation in 1990, a lot has changed – what have remained unchanged are the values that have shaped our future from the very first day: progress, innovation, partnership and shared growth. This is a tradition we are proud of and which we would like to continue.

Success proves that we are on the right path. HYLA is one of the worldwide market leaders. First-class prospects and good chances for growth are the results.

Everything from own production.

HYLA Air and Room Cleaning Systems are manufactured in Ljubljana (Slovenia), in company-owned production facilities directed by both their inventors and design engineers. The original prototype from 1990 has constantly been improved and has been adapted to the most advanced technologies.

Besides Germany, its main markets include the Russian, US, Asian as well as Arab regions.

An equally sustainable and consistent strategy for growth is one thing, outstanding products another. Therefore, with respect to research, development, sales and service, HYLA consistently concentrates its focus on its customers and partners. Only by doing so can customized solutions be developed and implemented. HYLA thus makes its partners even more efficient and puts them ahead of the competition. This strategy bears fruit, since successful partners guarantee the company’s own success – global market strength, increasing profits, attractive jobs and enduring corporate values.

This attitude makes us unique in this market. The HYLA brand is a manifestation of our unique qualities and transforms them into an experience. These outstanding qualities ensure that HYLA will continue to be a market leader.

HYLA has approximately 6,000 consultants worldwide, people who are highly motivated and qualified, curious and cosmopolitan.

In order to target and to foster these talents, the corporation puts its focus on continuous training. Knowledge and experience are thus fused, creating an inspiring work environment and first-class performa nce throughout the whole corporation.

Our Vision
  • Dedicated Involvement
    HYLA Directors Janez Pogacar and Doro Erjavec are responsible for the production and development of all HYLA products.
  • HYLA R&D Labs
    The approximately 10,000 sqm factory premises comprising the production lines as well as research & development labs were built especially for HYLA.
  • ISO 9001 Certified
    Here, sophisticated labs and test equipment (ISO 9001 certified) are available for the new HYLA generation and its accessories and spare parts.
  • Quality Guaranteed
    More than 20 years of experience have resulted in quality at the highest level!.



From 2010 HYLA GST

On November 15, 2008 the first prototypes are introduced to all business partners worldwide. The sales start for this new product line will be at the end of 2009 / beginning of 2010.


Unique marketing idea

The first Air and Room Cleaning System worldwide finished with CRYSTALLIZEDTM- Swarovski Elements. This unique marketing idea results in worldwide coverage in publications and inquiries from all over the globe. Participation at the UNESCO 2007. The Swarovski HYLA is donated for this charity event and gets raffled in the tombola. HYLA breaks new ground!


March, HYLA NST 2001 – 2005

After several months of development as well as extensive long-term tests, the new HYLA NST is presented in January 2001. This new HYLA generation in particular offers technical innovations compared to its predecessor and has a modern design. What is sensationally new about this machine is its novel, self-cleaning and patented separator technology resulting in a higher air flow, better filtration characteristics and higher suction efficiency. The new Flexible Hose, with its cord welded to the inner wall of the hose, is presented parallel to the introduction of the new HYLA NST.


February, HYLA N 1998 – 2000

In 1998, a technologically improved generation of the HYLA with a new design is presented to the market. Sales start of the HYLA N. In 1999, HYLA International GmbH & Co. KG is founded and construction of the HYLA Sales Headquarters is started. An office building with 1,500 square meters of space is built near Stuttgart Airport. Move into the new Sales Headquarters on September 1, 1999.


March, HYLA S 1994 – 1997

In 1996, a 5,000 square meter piece of land is purchased for the new factory in Ljubljana/Slovenia. Construction and start-up of the production site. In 1997, sales figures are steadily increasing. In parallel, additional new sales partners in 15 countries sign agreements with HYLA. Official opening of the new HYLA production facility in Ljubljana. The four partners invest approx. 25 % of the turnover in R & D. HYLA takes second place in the “European Company of the Year” competition.


May, The first HYLA 1991 – 1994

In 1993, first contact with the German entrepreneurs and direct marketing experts Wilfried Metzger and his partner. They join the team as partners and begin to set up a worldwide sales and marketing network. In 1994, HYLA is split into two divisions, Development & Production, headed by the proprietors and Managing Directors Janez Pogacar and Doro Erjavec, and Marketing & Sales, headed by the Managing Directors Wilfried Metzger and Partner. HYLA Trade d.o.o. is established for the Marketing & Sales division.


March, The HYLA Prototype 1990 – 1991

In 1990, HYLA is founded by Janez Pogacar and Doro Erjavec, two Slovenian engineers, in Ljubljana/Slovenia. The first two years are spent on intensive technological development and testing of the HYLA. Production and marketing are launched following this in-depth preparation. The company immediately works profitably and is a success on the Slovenian market.

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